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31 January 2020

Luxury Boutique Hotel

January is the ideal month for the skiing week, especially for who loves skiing. Today we present an unforgettable experience because you will have the chance to sleep in a luxury igloo. Imagine the beauty of waking up at dawn in the middle of a large glacier, surrounded by the breathtaking atmosphere of the high mountain, at…
25 January 2020

The strangest objects forgotten in a hotel room

Who has never forgotten anything in a hotel room? The holiday mood and the carefree make us more careless, so it happens to go home “lighter”. Clothing, gifts … as long as it is about forgetfulness like this, it is not the end of the world. More serious or embarrassing would be to forget a bag full…
20 January 2020

Top 6 best SPA in Piedmont

Famous for its enological heritage, for its centuries-old culinary tradition and for the boundless landscapes that give unique emotions, the region also has a vocation for wellness and body care, as evidenced by the many spas active in Piedmont. let’s see the most famous. Acqui Terme – Alessandria. Known since the times of the Roman Empire for its…