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WhyInn is a hospitality company operating in the hotel and tourism sector of the Langhe. The company controls and manages the hospitality services of some of the most luxurious residences in the area.

WhyInn services are represented by the high quality level and the full availability of our staff to meet the needs of the customer. All this allows the company to offer a unique and high-level service, ensuring that the customer is treated at 360 degrees.

Overnights, Comfort, Breakfasts, Home Automation Technologies, Purchasable Products, Spa, Guided Tours, Room Services and Great Wine Tasting are just some of the services offered by the hotel company WhyInn Group Hotel. For more details contact our structure.


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The structure of An Pais in Castiglione Falletto has four small luxury rooms immersed in the wonder of the Langhe.

Depending on their needs, visitors can choose to rest in classic or modern settings.


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An Pais represents one of the small and luxurious residences in the Langhe managed by the WhyInn group. It was specifically designed in a restricted form in order to be able to manage the service offered to the customer in an extremely detailed way.

The staff, at your complete disposal, will try to satisfy all your requests to guarantee you a pleasant holiday in the Langhe.

Family atmosphere and high level services.

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